Development of CT-type 2D-Sediment Concentration Meter using Laser Light

Mikio Hino
Laser-beams or -sheets is applied as detection sources of a flow with solute or particle suspension. The concentration field is estimated inversely from the integrated information of the light intensity attenuation by means of CT-scan technology. The instrument can measure quasi-instantaneouly and quasi-continuously a 2D concentration distribution of sediment. The principle of the inverse estimation of concentration, the design of the instrument and a preliminary test result are described. This
more » ... are described. This research aims at (1) the practicability to handle in laboratories and fields, (2) a lower price at which common users can purchase easily, and (3) compactness without disturbing the flow field.
doi:10.2208/prohe.41.1085 fatcat:pngb2gbidfastm6buromy6xcai