Stabilization of Linear Systems Over Gaussian Networks [article]

Ali A. Zaidi, Tobias J. Oechtering, Serdar Yuksel, Mikael Skoglund
2013 arXiv   pre-print
The problem of remotely stabilizing a noisy linear time invariant plant over a Gaussian relay network is addressed. The network is comprised of a sensor node, a group of relay nodes and a remote controller. The sensor and the relay nodes operate subject to an average transmit power constraint and they can cooperate to communicate the observations of the plant's state to the remote controller. The communication links between all nodes are modeled as Gaussian channels. Necessary as well as
more » ... ent conditions for mean-square stabilization over various network topologies are derived. The sufficient conditions are in general obtained using delay-free linear policies and the necessary conditions are obtained using information theoretic tools. Different settings where linear policies are optimal, asymptotically optimal (in certain parameters of the system) and suboptimal have been identified. For the case with noisy multi-dimensional sources controlled over scalar channels, it is shown that linear time varying policies lead to minimum capacity requirements, meeting the fundamental lower bound. For the case with noiseless sources and parallel channels, non-linear policies which meet the lower bound have been identified.
arXiv:1307.7533v1 fatcat:yrthpc5ykrdfhabkcudqvzh4ky