Recent Literature The Prescriber's Memoranda . Published by Wm. Wood & Co., New York. 1881. The name of author is not given

1881 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
that he has expressed opinions and counseled practice which differ from the teachings of the last edition. Professor Byford has conscientiously gone over the functional and organic diseases of the female organs of generation. It is a satisfaction to observe the discussion of certain topics which are often neglected by writers, notably of the sympathetic symptoms of organs apparently disconnected with the uterus, for which he will receive the thanks of the younger members of the profession.
more » ... er topic, very widely treated, is that of constipation iu its relation to uterine diseases. His first and strong point is the demand which should be made on nature, at definite and fixed times daily, without which 110 system of diet or drugging can be of avail. All the other topics which should have a place in a work of this kind have been fully and properly
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