The genetics-BIDS extension: Easing the search for genetic data associated with human brain imaging

Clara A Moreau, Martineau Jean-Louis, Ross Blair, Christopher J Markiewicz, Jessica A Turner, Vince D Calhoun, Thomas E Nichols, Cyril R Pernet
2020 GigaScience  
Metadata are what makes databases searchable. Without them, researchers would have difficulty finding data with features they are interested in. Brain imaging genetics is at the intersection of two disciplines, each with dedicated dictionaries and ontologies facilitating data search and analysis. Here, we present the genetics Brain Imaging Data Structure extension, consisting of metadata files for human brain imaging data to which they are linked, and describe succinctly the genomic and
more » ... genomic and transcriptomic data associated with them, which may be in different databases. This extension will facilitate identifying micro-scale molecular features that are linked to macro-scale imaging repositories, facilitating data aggregation across studies.
doi:10.1093/gigascience/giaa104 pmid:33068112 fatcat:pyu5diesnfcixmgeqyti6z2g54