Clinical-morphological peculiarities of the first trimester of pregnancy on the background of chronical urogenital chlamydiosis

S. Yu. Yuriev, S. A. Krotov, S. S. Antonova, N. N. Goncharova, L. R. Mustafina
2006 Bûlleten' Sibirskoj Mediciny  
Comparison of clinical manifestation of various forms chlamydial infection with a ultrasonic picture and cytomorphological characteristics decidua basalis in the first trimester of pregnancy was carried out. The basic clinical markers were colpitis, endocervicitis and threat of fetus wastage. At percistence the pathogene more significant changes echoscopy pictures were found. Expressed stromal edema and increase of expression of a receptor to IL-2 on a lymphocyte membrane at active chlamydial
more » ... fection were found during morphological research of the decidual tissue. Stability of a population of the big granular decidual lymphocyte СD56++ at any form of urogenital chlamydiosis was revealed.
doi:10.20538/1682-0363-2006-1-81-86 doaj:0f5217441a8d4b75adae6fe9b25a34e3 fatcat:x6m4gmha6jfxfa4ndtcdgpmkuy