M Kamaraj, Poulomi Deb
International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review   unpublished
Online marketing and purchasing is the global criteria and mandatory and inalienable in the 21 st century world arena. Paperless purchasing serve as boosting factor for consumers who strive less for consuming goods. Usages of automobiles, physical and as well as neutral conditions are comparatively less in online marketing petty products are risk-low in nature, but purchasing luxury products are high risky and there are more number of websites available in the markets which compete with one
more » ... ompete with one another for getting their products sold. Table 1: Education-wise Respondents Opinion Variables Literates Illiterates Total L H L H Time duration 10 65 35 40 150 13.3% 86.6% 46.6% 53.3% Quality Demo 10 65 40 35 150 13.3% 86.6% 53.3% 46.6% Quantity 15 60 15 60 150 20% 80% 20% 80% Cash on Delivery 60 14 15 60 150 80% 20% 20% 80% Cross verification 15 60 50 25 150 20% 80% 66.6% 33.3% Comparison 15 60 50 25 150 20% 80% 66.6% 33.3% Total 75% 75% 150 Consumer face a lot of challenges in buying the products through online in terms of quality, quantity, cash on delivery and time duration of getting the products. Clarification related with the products and comparisons were all the factors which have to be supervised and concerned in order to kept customer's confidence at high level. Umpteen numbers of companies and multinational corporations, took strenuous endeavor in order to capture the minds of consumers by this well charted out marketing strategies and to a large extent, they are getting it achieved. For locating consumer's behavior under the impact of education, some 150 respondents were chosen through random sampling and responses were drawn by administering questionnaire. Kolkata metropolitan city was chosen since it consists of both educated and uneducated consumers. Fig. 1 Time duration