Enlarged Indication of Compression Hip Screw with Brim Supporter for Femoral Intertrochanteric Fractures

Akihiko Hamasaki, Shigeru Ishinishi, Shunsuke Hotokezaka, Tsukasa Yamaguchi
2001 Orthopedics & Traumatology  
The comparison of the compression hip screw with a brim supporter (brim-CHS) and that without a brim supporter (non-brim-CHS) was studied in 46 femoral intertrochanteric fractures. Since 1998, 15 consecutive patients have been treated with brim-CHS. There was no significant difference between the two methods in the mean operating time and surgical blood loss. However, the non weight bearing period and hospital stay of brim-CHS were significantly less than that of non-brim-CHS. The sliding
more » ... . The sliding length of the lag screw of brim-CHS was shorter than non-brim-CHS, however, the difference was not significant. Although the cost of brim-CHS is 100,000 yen more expensive than non brim-CHS, we recommend brim-CHS for all types of the femoral Intertrochanteric fractures to achieve rigid fixation and reliable outcome.
doi:10.5035/nishiseisai.50.455 fatcat:kvwwpmh5wfezhmriezwu2f7hvq