Göreleli Rüstemzâde Abdülhamid'in Mektuplarında Askerlik Ve Sosyal Hayat (1918- 1921)

Mevlüt KAYA
2016 Journal of History and Future  
ABSRACT The riots were reigning over at either social life or than in the last periods of Ottoman. The yields of military and political dilemmas were pretty serious for Ottoman which were crested with The First World War and the course of economy had entirely broken down. Except for the fact that regulations committed in the thana, the fade out of the available centrist system's function had caused to failure at a lot of the front lines.Ithad caused to failure at the psychological and physical
more » ... gical and physical power of the military population too and in turn, it had become a vicious circle which leading to the new defeats. While the military need of Ottoman Army was increasing in The First World War and the national struggle period, the number of casualties and the prisoner soldiers had increased too on the other hand. Also, while Russian occupation was carrying on at the east of Anatolia, the tortures, massacres and the raping incedents which foreign forces were imposing on the civilians had caused to another chaos.The East Black Sea's folkwere executing a serious civil defense against to Russian occupants in their own quarters although they had sent their youths to Ottoman's far east districts forthe military duty. The current study aims to present historical and sociologial panorama of the era on the basis of the letters belonging to Rustemzade Abdulhamid who was from Gorele and Rustemzâde Abdulhamid's sent and recieved letterswhich was from Goreleand taken prisoner by British in 1918, in the period of the war and chaos while he was in military duty in Iraq.
doi:10.21551/jhf.281935 fatcat:tn2z7uy3ezg3fhqnec67qa5m6y