Calculation Model and Influencing Factors of Surrounding Rock Loosening Pressure for Tunnel in Fold Zone

Jianhao Liu, Caijin Xie, Junying Rao, Ma Jianjun
2021 Advances in Civil Engineering  
This research aims to study the surrounding rock loosening pressure variation law of tunnel in the fold area. Based on the calculation method of surrounding rock loosening pressure for shallow tunnel, a new calculation model of the surrounding rock pressure was proposed for tunnel in the fold area; through this calculation model, the effects of tectonic stress (F), the angle ( φ 1 ) between tectonic stress and horizontal plane, tunnel buried depth (h), friction angle ( θ ), the multiple (k)
more » ... een tectonic stress and rock mass gravity in the upper part of the tunnel, lateral pressure coefficient ( λ ), and tunnel midline offset (t) on tunnel surrounding rock loosening pressure in fold area are studied, respectively. Results show that in the anticline area, when φ 1 increases, the vertical loosening pressure (q) decreases; when q > 0, the surrounding rock is in the elastic deformation stage, and q decreases monotonously as F increases; when q < 0, the rock mass is in the initial stage of failure, and as F continues to increase, the number of internal cracks increases, the rock mass reaches its ultimate bearing capacity and then fails completely, and q increases linearly in this process; q decreases with the increase of θ and k; the greater k is, the easier it is to reach its bearing limit; the horizontal loosening pressure (e) increased monotonously with the increase of h and λ . The research process of surrounding rock loosening pressure of tunnel in the syncline area is similar to that of tunnel in the anticline area; q decreases with the increase of θ and λ ; q monotonically increases with F increasing.
doi:10.1155/2021/6678511 fatcat:kk4nhbg3ojddvdurb3v3xxgdgu