Cost of treating preventable minor ocular injuries in Rijeka, Croatia

Karmen Loncarek, Ines Brajac, Tatjana Filipović, Tea Caljkusić-Mance, Hrvoje Stalekar
2004 Croatian Medical Journal  
To determine the cost of medical services for the treatment of preventable minor ocular injuries in Rijeka, Croatia. We analyzed data on 3,755 outpatients (3,363 men and 392 women) treated for eye injuries at the Department of Ophthalmology, Rijeka University Hospital, from April 2002 to March 2003. Median age of patients was 37 years (range, 26-47 years). Data were collected with a questionnaire designed for the study, which included sociodemographic data, type of injury, time and place of
more » ... ry, and preventability. We carried out cost analysis of the procedures and determined the length of hospital stay. Out of 5,143 emergencies, minor eye injuries comprised 3,755 cases (73%). Minor injuries were potentially preventable in 90% of cases, as they resulted from nonuse or misuse of obligatory protection devices. Total one-year cost of preventable eye injuries was 135,529.55 Euros. Preventable minor eye injuries in Rijeka, Croatia, cause a serious medical and economic burden. Stricter adherence to the use of protection devices should be promoted.
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