New England Lead

1848 Scientific American  
9dentHic 2\metlcan. 325 suggestion which we hope to see carried into I feet; one foot in the same would drive twen-bolts 8 or 10 inches wide, knots and all. and practice in the construction of all new plank ty to thirty feet on the road: consequently making 150 strokes per minnte. Two men roads. We recommend the SUlphate of cop-from one hundred and fifty, to two hundred and a boy are employed, who complete per as being the best substance to use for this feet of tube, in one or more lengths,
more » ... r more lengths, would 8,000 a day, ready for salp-, after the timber is purpose. It forms ar. iusoluble compound in drive a train one mile. The piston moves prepared for the boiler. This quantity is cut the wood and is not expensive nor deliques slowly, while the train runs with great velo-out in an hour and a half. Then the boiler cent. It is also a des tructive poison to in city. The plan proposed for the formation is filled again. Much depends on softening sects. Corrosive sublimate no doubt is bet-: of a company is, in the first place, to raise the wood by thorough and long soaking in tel ' , but it is very expensive. The way to by sub.cription s'lfficient to lay down two hot water. NEW YORK, JULY 1. 1848. ;Jrepare the wood is just to immerse it in the miles of railway, and thus tr111y test its capa- The shingles are jointed on the side of a liquid, or else by placing the timber on an in-bilities; these subscribers to have the ('hoice circular wheel, containing two jointers, which cline, the liquid to be placed in contact with of shares with a good bonus should a com-goes rapidly, 3.nd operates with great expe 'l'heory and Practice. It the upper end, and ilOaking down through the pany be formed, and the remamder to be dition. They are then packed in bundles, The word theory is very much abused. is too generally considered to be a system of pores of the wood, expelling all the ail ' . This submitted to the public. The cost of such a and ready for market. The wood generally vague thought-a code of opinions set forth latter plan is the best, because it is very sim-line including propelling power, with all ac-used is chestnut, and it is very durable. b) men who think and write and do nothing pIe. Iron cylinders are used by the French, cessories complete for driving a heavy train New England Lead. more. This is a general and great mistake, into which the timber is placed and the air everJ half hour, is estimated at two thousand A lead mine was discovered about eighteen and when we hear, as we often do, the ex-exhausted by an air pump, and then a soluti-five hundred dollars." months since, in Thetford Vt 'about one p�ession, " this is mere tbeory, not according on of corrosive sub l imate fMced into the cy-The scheme to our view is very airy-not
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