Optically trapped and controlled microapertures for studies of spatial coherence in an arbitrary light field

W. M. Lee, K. Dholakia
2007 Applied Physics Letters  
By controlling the rotation rate of a trapped birefringent particle with an optically applied torque, the authors introduce a miniscule wave front deformation at a specific location within an arbitrary light field, with the particle acting as an optical microdiffuser. A trapped birefringent particle and a trapped silica microsphere are positioned to form Young's double slit experiment within a probe light field. The far-field interference from the diffracted optical fields from these particles
more » ... om these particles enable the authors to infer the relative spatial coherence between these local sampling points. With multiple trapped particles, one may perform multipoint coherence analysis of a light field.
doi:10.1063/1.2751590 fatcat:tapmmeponzfwpb7mlxmznuvxia