Anomalous radiation effects in fully depleted SOI MOSFETs fabricated on SIMOX

Ying Li, Guofu Niu, J.D. Cressler, J. Patel, C.J. Marshall, P.W. Marshall, H.S. Kim, R.A. Reed, M.J. Palmer
2001 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
We investigate the proton tolerance of fullydepleted SOI MOSFETs with H-gate and regular-gate structural configurations. For the front-gate characteristics, the H-gate does not show the edge leakage observed in the regular-gate transistor. An anomalous kink in the back-gate linear I D -V GS characteristics of the fully-depleted SOI nFETs has been observed at high radiation doses. This kink is attributed to charged traps generated in the bandgap at the buried oxide/silicon film interface during
more » ... rradiation. Extensive 2-D simulations with MEDICI were used to understand the physical origin of this kink. We also report unusual self-annealing effects in the devices when they are cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature.
doi:10.1109/23.983187 fatcat:2xov76godndpthglhsowfapxnm