Methylation-specific PCR method for MGMT coding gene silencing evaluation and its prognostic significance in alkylating antitumor treatment

Anca Udriste, Natalia Cucu, Rodica Talmaci, Cosmin Arsene, Daniela Nedelcu, Maria Puiu, Alina Musetescu, Sabina Zurac, Nicoleta Andreescu, Adriana Octaviana, Dulamea, Ileana Constantinescu (+1 others)
MGMT (O6-methyl-guanine-DNA methyltransferase) is a protein with a specific enzyme activity that is involved in repair of DNA alkylation alterations introduced by classical chemotherapy, such as involving temozolomide (TMZ) use for glioma and Ewing sarcoma tumors. The MGMT methylation biomarker is frequently used for the evaluation of the treatment prognosis in such type of classical anticancer approach. In this article, optimized analytical conditions of a nested MS-PCR method for the
more » ... on status of the MGMT coding gene promoter are described and the clinical significance of the reaction results are discussed in relation with the prognostic value for the tumor tissues treatment with an alkylating drug.