Aldehyde mediated N-nitrosation of an amino acid

Jing Wang, Biying Wu, Mingmin Ding, Yue Yang, Zhiying Liu, Fang Zhang, Erqing Tang, Jianli Duan
2017 ARKIVOC  
The N-nitroso Amadori compound is prepared by a multi-step synthetic strategy, using glyceraldehyde and glycine methyl ester hydrochloride as starting materials. Meanwhile, that the N-nitroso Amadori compound can be formed under the simulated gastric conditions in the presence of sodium nitrite is confirmed. O O OHC + Cl H 3 N CO 2 Me (6 steps) MeO 2 C N CH 2 OH O NO CHO OH OH H 2 N CO 2 Me + NaNO 2 (pH 4)
doi:10.24820/ark.5550190.p009.869 fatcat:dap2nu4oi5gzberr7dgiunbytm