Study on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Activated Sludge Process

Li Honglu, Feng Yuzhao, Zhang Xiaoqin, Yu Haibo, Zhang Heng, Sun Rongji
2016 Journal of Residuals Science and Technology  
The model predictive control (MPC) with a nonlinear back propagation (BP) was used to design activated sludge process control system, and then a new improved dynamic matrix controller (IDMC) design method was proposed. The method was tested with the digital simulation analysis in a small-scale wastewater treatment plant based on benchmark simulation model No.1 (BSM1) . The results showed that IDMC designed by the method has good dynamic characteristics and strong adaptability to stock load, and thus improves stability of the control system.
doi:10.12783/issn.1544-8053/13/s1/8 fatcat:3ddzd7qk2jcsjewjdbg3ld32gq