Oxidative stress in healthy individuals; circadian rhythm of thiol-disulfide balance

2021 The Annals of Clinical and Analytical Medicine  
Aim: The dynamic thiol-disulfide balance plays a critical role in the healthy functioning of the organism. The most important role of this system is participation in the cell's antioxidant defense. The hormone melatonin hormone has a circadian rhythm. It is not known whether the balance of thiol-disulfide shows secretion like melatonin throughout the day. This study examined the circadian rhythm of thiol-disulfide balance and variability with daily living activities in a healthy young
more » ... . Material and Methods: Venous blood samples were taken every 2 hours from 8 healthy volunteers and the levels of melatonin, thiol disulfide and peripheral blood elements (lymphocytes and monocytes) were investigated. During the study, the daily activities of the volunteers were not restricted and the starvationsatiety variables were also studied. Result: No significant time-dependent statistical change was observed in the 24-hour follow-up of native thiol, total thiol and disulfide levels, and measurements of blood lymphocyte and monocyte. The starvation and satiety levels were compared, and no significant difference was observed in thiol-disulfide balance. Discussion: In this study, thiol-disulfide balance did not follow a circadian rhythm like melatonin, and was not affected by starvation and satiety.
doi:10.4328/acam.20430 fatcat:onrkc7huxjh4ldjfyoljvebhyy