Alfred N. Cook
1903 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
Br ALFRFD S COOK R e c e i %~d Octo1 cr 6 ,902 FOR some time past I have been engaged in the study of the derivatives of phenylether, using a rcaction that is of common application in both the fatty and aromatic series, that of treating a fatty or aromatic haloid with an alcoholate or phenolate of an alkali metal. An ether is formed and an alkali salt of a haloid acid is precipitated according to the following equation : 1 Ber. d. chcm. Gcs., 29, 1446and 1878. 2 A m . Chrm. J.> a49 526.
doi:10.1021/ja02003a008 fatcat:lmbljafdync73n5olzv3d6lpvy