An SFDI observer-based scheme for a general aviation aircraft

M. Ariola, F. Corraro, M. Mattei, I. Notaro, A. Sollazzo
2013 2013 Conference on Control and Fault-Tolerant Systems (SysTol)  
The problem of detecting and isolating sensor faults (sensor fault detection and isolation-SFDI) on a general aviation aircraft, in the presence of external disturbances, is considered. The proposed approach consists of an extended Kalman observer applied to an augmented aircraft plant, where some integrators are added to the output variables subject to faults. The output of the integrators should be ideally zero in the absence of model uncertainties, external disturbances and sensor faults. A
more » ... hreshold-based decision making system is adopted where the residuals are weighted with gains coming from the solution to an optimization problem. The proposed nonlinear observer was tested both numerically on a large database of simulations in the presence of disturbances and model uncertainties and on input-output data recorded during real flights. In this case, the possibility of successfully applying the proposed technique to detect and isolate faults on inertial and air data sensors, modelled as step or ramp signals artificially added to the real measurements, is shown.
doi:10.1109/systol.2013.6693930 fatcat:2dfcfiexyjebneqdwzukl3a75y