Research of the Fe2O3 Powder Granulation Effect on BaFe12O19 Firing Temperature

Iulian Stefan, Adrian Olei, Claudiu Nicolicescu
2015 Advanced Engineering Forum  
In the paper is presented the study of the Fe2O3 powders granulation effect on the firing parameters for the BaCO3+6Fe2O3 powder mixture. The Fe2O3 powders were milled in a ball mill in wet medium. The results indicated that the granulation of Fe2O3 powders decreased rapidly with the increase of milling time. The Fe2O3 milled powders were then mixed with unmilled barium carbonate powders in order to form barium hexaferrite. After mixing, the powders were analized by thermogravimetric point of
more » ... vimetric point of view and then the obtained barium hexaferrite samples were investigated by XRD analysis. It was observed that the firing temperature of the hexaferrites decreases with 10 degrees when we introduce in the mixture Fe2O3 milled powders with a fine granulation.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:iwdbj3uncfe3xa4zzlzqcqxrsi