Evaluation of multi-row covers and support structure for cantaloupe and summer squash

2015 2015 ASABE International Meeting   unpublished
Covers excluding insects are an alternative to pesticide control on cantaloupe and squash. Tests evaluated support structure and two types of cover material (spunbond polypropylene and polyethylene mesh) during mid-summer field conditions. Sagging cover material over time suggested limiting distance between single supports to 2 m or less. Tennis balls atop single supports avoided cover damage better than rebar caps. Spunbond polypropylene had more tears and damage than polyethylene mesh during
more » ... hylene mesh during use. Wire hoops centered over the row, spaced 2.3 m along the row avoided cover damage while keeping material off the crop.
doi:10.13031/aim.20152182687 fatcat:5rdotfa46zhjtk6xgr6barl25u