Tangent bundle RRT: A randomized algorithm for constrained motion planning

Beobkyoon Kim, Terry Taewoong Um, Chansu Suh, F. C. Park
2014 Robotica (Cambridge. Print)  
SUMMARYThe Tangent Bundle Rapidly Exploring Random Tree (TB-RRT) is an algorithm for planning robot motions on curved configuration space manifolds, in which the key idea is to construct random trees not on the manifold itself, but on tangent bundle approximations to the manifold. Curvature-based methods are developed for constructing tangent bundle approximations, and procedures for random node generation and bidirectional tree extension are developed that significantly reduce the number of
more » ... ce the number of projections to the manifold. Extensive numerical experiments for a wide range of planning problems demonstrate the computational advantages of the TB-RRT algorithm over existing constrained path planning algorithms.
doi:10.1017/s0263574714001234 fatcat:mnoccqkyrfbizcm4dw7jqygzfq