Cosmological wormholes inf(R)theories of gravity

Sebastian Bahamonde, Mubasher Jamil, Petar Pavlovic, Marko Sossich
2016 Physical Review D  
Motivated by recent proposals of possible wormhole existence in galactic halos, we analyse the cosmological evolution of wormhole solutions in modified $f(R)$ gravity. We construct a dynamical wormhole that asymptotically approaches FLRW universe, with supporting material going to the perfect isotropic fluid described by the equation of state for radiation and matter dominated universe respectively. Our analysis is based on an approximation of a small wormhole - a wormhole that can be treated
more » ... at can be treated as matched with the FLRW metric at some radial coordinate much smaller than the Hubble radius, so that cosmological boundary conditions are satisfied. With a special interest in viable wormhole solutions, we refer to the results of reconstruction procedure and use $f(R)$ functions which lead to the experimentally confirmed $\Lambda$CDM expansion history of the Universe. Solutions we find imply no need for exotic matter near the throat of considered wormholes, while in the limit of $f(R)=R$ this need is always present during radiation and matter dominated epoch.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.94.044041 fatcat:sp4sp63j4jdnjd6rpayzmkg6lq