Gitterschwingungsspektren, XI

Heinz Dieter Lutz, Hans-Jürgen Klüppel, Walter Pobitschka, Bernd Baasner
1974 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
The assignment of the H2O libratory vibrations in crystal hydrates to the rocking or wagging vibration alternatively using the isotope shift of the HDO librations is discussed. IR spectroscopic data on BaCl2 · 2 H2O, BaBr2 · 2 H2O, SrCl2 · 2 H2O, BaCl2 · H2O, BaBr2 · H2O, SrCl2 · H2O, SrBr2 · H2O and on the deuterated compounds of these hydrates are included.
doi:10.1515/znb-1974-11-1206 fatcat:t3bnjklvebgtpkmwjeyvreeete