Effect of strain-temperature history on the tensile behavior of titanium and a titanium alloy

G.W. Geil, N.L. Carwile
1958 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
This study was made to determine the effect of prestraining specimens in tension under uniaxial and multi axial stre ses at a selected temperature on t heir tensile behavior at a different temperature. Unnotched and notched cylindrical specimens of initially annealed, commercially pure titanium and initially annealed 4-percent-aluminum, 4-percent-manganese, titanium a lloy were extended at selected temperatures to various true strains and t hen extended to fracture at another temp erature. The
more » ... ucti lity retained by t he prestrain ed sp ecim ens decreased with increase in the prestrain, whereas the strength indi ces generally were nearly independent of the amount of the prestraining. However, strength indices obtained on some of t he deep-notched specimens of t he alloy at -196 0 C were decreased by prestraining at + 25 0 C as a direct res ult of the very low retained ductility of t he prestrained specimens.
doi:10.6028/jres.061.021 fatcat:kdngetcdrnav5ee5yfv4abliia