Phytoremediation – An Eco-friendly and Sustainable Method of Heavy Metal Removal from Closed Mine Environments in Papua New Guinea

Stanley Rungwa, Gabriel Arpa, Harry Sakulas, Anthony Harakuwe, David Timi
2013 Procedia Earth and Planetary Science  
Appendix A. Pollution of environment (land, water and atmosphere) has increased rapidly since the onset of the industrial revolution. Population increase has placed much strain on the environment as have large-scale logging, mining and other commercial activities. Mining earns valuable foreign exchange but pollutes the environment, especially the water and soil through exposure to its discharge (treated or otherwise). Toxic heavy metals are present in this discharge and thus contaminate the
more » ... , vegetation, water systems and marine life. There is a need to minimise or eliminate these heavy metals from the eff luent as well as the mine site after closure. One eco-friendly and sustainable mode of toxic heavy metal removal is phytoremediation. This review outlines what phytoremediation is, the classes of phytoremediation, the pros and cons of phytoremediation, its application and its relevance and applicability to the PNG situation. Suggestions will be made as to the most suitable plants for selected disused sites in PNG.
doi:10.1016/j.proeps.2013.01.036 fatcat:eb6z4lsxrzdgda3qkoxacpteq4