Branch-and-Bound Bat Algorithm for Solving Complex Optimization Problems

T. Adeyemo Temitope, A. Sanusi Bashir, O. Olowoye Adebola, O. Olabiyisi Stephen, O. Omidiora Elijah
2020 Zenodo  
Most of the real-world problems are concerned with minimizing or maximizing some quantity so as to optimize some outcome. Optimization techniques are used to generate a desired solution to real-life problems. Bat Algorithm (BA) is an evolutionary optimization technique and it is one of the recent metaheuristic algorithms for solving optimization problems. It was inspired by the echolocation behavior of micro-bats, with varying pulse rates of emission and loudness. The major limitation of BA is
more » ... imitation of BA is that it will converge very quickly at an early stage and then convergence rate slow down thereby giving a local optimal solution but not the global optimal solution. Branch-and-bound (BnB) is a common method for improving the searching process by systematically enumerating all candidate solutions and disposing of obviously impossible solutions. This advantage of BnB algorithm will be used to improve BA. BnB was used to improve the best-found solution of BA.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3607226 fatcat:7aemywrvqvbupo3n2x5ew4iegu