Liam Martin
FOREWORD As a member of the Irish Diaspora I celebrate that the tragic 'troubles' in Northern Ireland seem to be over and that a new era of peace and prosperity can be attained. However as a member of the Irish Diaspora I also wish that this new era realizes the dream of most Irishmen and Irishwomen: that Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland can be reunited again and constitute a Nation that can be shown as an example of how from virtual war between communities a democratic state committed to
more » ... state committed to protect the human rights of its citizens and the equitable distribution of its wealth, can emerge. This is clearly the message for the Irish Diaspora but not only for them. It is also addressed to other people of good will who can embrace this message that strongly recommends the substitution of violence by creativity to attain objectives which even being difficult can certainly be achieved when sectarian interests are set aside. The Irish Diaspora has to be stirred so that it abandons its present dormant position. It has to acquire its own identity and has to establish links between its different members overcoming territorial, language and even cultural differences. The adoption of the roadmap for the unity of Ireland which constitutes the main objective of this work should be the starting point of such 'waking up' process But then it will have to 'agitate' the rest of their communities so that all men and women of good will share such aims. With the help of God I suspect all this can be achieved. INTRODUCTION: