Imprecise Bayesian Networks as Causal Models

David Kinney
2018 Information  
This article considers the extent to which Bayesian networks with imprecise probabilities, which are used in statistics and computer science for predictive purposes, can be used to represent causal structure. It is argued that the adequacy conditions for causal representation in the precise context—the Causal Markov Condition and Minimality—do not readily translate into the imprecise context. Crucial to this argument is the fact that the independence relation between random variables can be
more » ... rstood in several different ways when the joint probability distribution over those variables is imprecise, none of which provides a compelling basis for the causal interpretation of imprecise Bayes nets. I conclude that there are serious limits to the use of imprecise Bayesian networks to represent causal structure.
doi:10.3390/info9090211 fatcat:onbnlo5bebbknnf2ze7ya6nzqm