Inorganic chemistry

1872 Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed)  
2. That the tension of the hydrogen, corresponding to an invariable tension of steam, decreases continuously, when the temperature increases progressively. 3. That the same laws are observed in the inverse phenomenon of the reduction of ferric: oxide by hydrogen. These conclusions are substantially identical with results obtained bp Muller in 1867 and 18G8. Prom a fresh series of experiments he draws the following conclusions :-1. A mixture of iron and ferroso-ferric oxide, heated to a certain
more » ... . PC1,(SC2H,) + Br, = PClzBr 4-BrSC2H5. 11. PC1,Br + BrSC2H, = PC12BrS + BrC2H5. He finds that P,Ss and bromine unite readily to form P,S3Br4,
doi:10.1039/js8722500281 fatcat:nc5fs6httrboniusb6xhovazdu