Routine Treatment in a Genito-Urinary Clinic; Functions of Such a Clinic

1903 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Indeed, unless we free up nasal or throat obstructions in many such instances through proper septal operations, or the removal of adenoids, or enlarged, chronically diseased tonsils, we shall fail signally to benefit or relieve the consequent digestive disorders. The two conditions of inflamed throat and chronic dyspepsia may march together, and as one organ or condition improves so will the other. If, likewise, one organ grows worse, so will the other. It is, however, difficult or impossible
more » ... ult or impossible invariably to discover through symptoms and the patient's history in which organ the trouble started. Therapeutically we must make use of our brains first of all and act intelligently according to the case we have in hand. If there be evident faulty conditions in the nose or naso-pharynx, these should often be corrected as far as may be by local applications or operatory procedures. At the same time, the habits should be regulated and the diet made simple, nutritious and moderate. Nervous, run-down women of middle age, who suffer also from menstrual difficulty, are apt to have atrophie nasal catarrh. A wisely adopted rest cure and the continuous use of the glycerophosphates of lime and soda will prove helpful. To club men who are bloated, red, corpulent, and also suffer from a thickened engorged mucous lining of nose and throat, low diet, abandoning the use of alcohol and free diuresis through Poland water or Celestins Vichy, will prove useful. The presence of incipient or more advanced cirrhosis of liver and veinous engorgement of the entire upper air tract among these men is also what we encounter time and again. It is clear from the foregoing how essential it is for throat specialism which is broad, conscientious and useful to be guided and directed many times by a knowledge of general medicine. This statement does not prevent my recognition of the great advantages derived directly many times from the rhinoscope and laryngoscope in skilled hands. It is against their abuse that I and others cry a halt.
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