New Balanced Slide Valve

1883 Scientific American  
Umbrellas as commonly made are provided with a central staff and with braces converging toward the staff, the entire arrangement preventing the head from being placed in any thing like a ceutral position under the top, and of course the umbrt:lla does not afford the protection it should. The engraving shows an umbrella provided with a sup port formed of four rods pivoted to each other at the ends, the upper euds of the upper rods being pivoted to the middle of the umbrella top frame, and the
more » ... er ends of the lower rods being pivoteg to each other at the handle end of the umbrella support, these several rods being provided with braces and binding rods and locking springs. FORSTER'S UMBRELLA SUPPORT. The Waste oC Water. The p1'euntion of the waste of, water already dealt out to the consumers by existing works is a more important suh ject for investigation than the extension of facilities for still furt, her waste. According to a report of the city of Milwaukee, it frequently happens tbat between the hours of 10 P. M. and 6 A. M.,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09151883-166c fatcat:hvb7izvj5neypnjuu7yquzwrha