Photospheric and "Chromospheric" CIV Lines in B-Main-Sequence Stars

Fiorella Castelli, Carlo Morossi, Roberto Stalio
1986 Symposium - International astronomical union  
The presence in the far-UV spectra of early-type stars of spectral lines of superionized atoms is argument of controversial debate among astronomers. Presently there is agreement on the non-radiative origin of these ions but not on the proposed mechanisms for their production nor on the proposed locations in the stellar atmosphere where they are abundant. Cassinelli et al. (1978) suggest that the Auger mechanism is operative in a cool wind blowing above a narrow corona to produce these ions;
more » ... y and White (1980) introduce radiative instabilities growing into hot blobs distributed across the stellar wind; Doazan and Thomas (1982) make these ions to be formed in both pre- and post-coronal, high temperature regions at low and high velocity respectively.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900148788 fatcat:6kvrwtlumjgx5mekedpckkep7u