Exploration of Multifunctional Properties of Piper Betel Leaves Extract Incorporated Polyvinyl Alcohol-Oxidized Maize Starch Blend Films for Active Packaging Application [post]

Vishram D Hiremani, Naganagouda Goudar, Tilak Gasti, Sheela Khanapure, Vinayak N Vanjeri, Sarala Sataraddi, Oshin Jacintha Dsouza, Shyam Kumar Vootla, Saraswati P Masti, Ravindra B Malabadi, Ravindra B Chougale
2021 unpublished
This study explains the development of eco-friendly polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/oxidized maize starch (OMS)/Betel leaves extract (BLE) blend films by employing a cost effective technique. The influence of BLE on structural, Thermal, Mechanical, Morphological, Optical, Antibacterial, and Antioxidant properties of PVA/OMS blend were investigated successfully by applying FTIR, TGA, DSC, UTM, SEM, UV spectroscopy, In vitro antibacterial and DPPH scavenging activity. The hydrogen bonding interaction
more » ... g the components of the blend films led to enhance thermal stability, miscibility, mechanical properties, smooth surface morphology and UV blocking properties of the blend films. The addition of BLE enormously improved the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of PVA/OMS blend films. Moreover, the water contact angle, solubility, biodegradability, Water vapour transmission rate, oxygen permeability properties of blend films were analyzed, which illustrates that the obtained films were hydrophilic, water soluble and biodegradable in nature. With regard to barrier properties the WVTR and oxygen permeability of the blend films were enhanced after doping of BLE. These experimental outcomes suggest that the BLE containing PVA/OMS films can be used for the expansion of active packaging material.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-177928/v1 fatcat:dhllif6cqnfanp6usafuelbtea