Practical Research on Physical Rehabilitation Training among Male Addicts in Chinese Compulsory Isolated Detoxification Center

Dongming Jia, Zhifei Xu, Song Guo, Yang Shen
2018 Open Journal of Preventive Medicine  
Physical rehabilitation training as an effective measure was proposed by relevant government sector recently. Many compulsory isolated detoxification centers had already implemented the measure, but rarely a systematically comprehensive research was published. Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to evaluate the effect of "5433" training program as an exercise intervention on addicts during drug treatment and rehabilitation, in order to provide the experimental data for the research about
more » ... e effects of mental quality and physical quality of addicts. Methods: The 2132 male addicts were randomly divided into experimental group (n = 1020) and control group (n = 1112), experimental group was training by "5433" program, and control group ordinary was managed alone. Before and after one year training, in accordance with the "SCL-90" and "Standards of People's Republic of China national physique", the SCL-90 scores, height/weight, vital capacity, step index, grip strength, vertical jump, push-ups, sit-and-reach, one-leg standing with eye-closed, choice reaction index of two groups were detected. Results: 1) The scores of depression, anxiety, paranoia and psychosis in two groups before the experiment are both lower than those after the experiment, and the experimental group decreased more (P < 0.05). There were no differences in the scores of somatization and phobias between groups. 2) There has a significant difference between the number of qualified and the unqualified addicts in the experimental group compared to one year ago (P < 0.05). Each single term index proportion of height/weight, vital capacity, step index, vertical jump, push-ups, sit-and-reach, one-leg standing with eye-closed and choice reaction index has significant statistical difference on the number of qualified and un-How to cite this paper: Jiaqualified addicts in the experimental group before and after one year's training (P < 0.05), but grip strength index proportion has not (P > 0.05). Conclusion: These initial findings show that The "5433" Training Program was effective more than a simple kinesiotherapy, thereby opening avenues for the rehabilitation of Chinese drug addicts.
doi:10.4236/ojpm.2018.84012 fatcat:35wdr6ndr5fmpp2ftjsfn2gs4q