Examination of Chaotic Structures in Semiconductor or Alloy Voltage Time-Series: A Complex Network Approach for the Case of TlInTe2

Dimitrios Tsiotas, Lykourgos Magafas, Michael P. Hanias
2020 Physics  
This paper proposes a method for examining chaotic structures in semiconductor or alloy voltage oscillation time-series, and focuses on the case of the TlInTe2 semiconductor. The available voltage time-series are characterized by instabilities in negative differential resistance in the current–voltage characteristic region, and are primarily chaotic in nature. The analysis uses a complex network analysis of the time-series and applies the visibility graph algorithm to transform the available
more » ... e-series into a graph so that the topological properties of the graph can be studied instead of the source time-series. The results reveal a hybrid lattice-like configuration and a major hierarchical structure corresponding to scale-free characteristics in the topology of the visibility graph, which is in accordance with the default hybrid chaotic and semi-periodic structure of the time-series. A novel conceptualization of community detection based on modularity optimization is applied to the available time-series and reveals two major communities that are able to be related to the pair-wise attractor of the voltage oscillations' phase portrait of the TlInTe2 time-series. Additionally, the network analysis reveals which network measures are more able to preserve the chaotic properties of the source time-series. This analysis reveals metric information that is able to supplement the qualitative phase-space information. Overall, this paper proposes a complex network analysis of the time-series as a method for dealing with the complexity of semiconductor and alloy physics.
doi:10.3390/physics2040036 fatcat:qyo2fbvvxzabpkbcyel4kddeze