An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for a New Variant of the Gas Cylinders Open Split Delivery and Pickup with Two-dimensional Loading Constraints

Anouar Annouch, Adil Bellabdaoui
2021 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
This paper studies a combination of two well-known problems in distribution logistics, which are the truck loading problem and the vehicle routing problem. In our context, a customer daily demand exceeds the truck capacity. As a result, the demand has to be split into several routes. In addition, it is required to assign customers to depots, which means that each customer is visited just once by any truck in the fleet. Moreover, we take into consideration a customer time windows. The studied
more » ... blem can be defined as a Multi-depots open split delivery and pickup vehicle routing problem with two-dimensional loading constraints and time windows (2L-MD-OSPDTW). A mathematical formulation of the problem is proposed as a mixed-integer linear programming model. Then, a set of four class instances is used in a way that reflects the real-life case study. Furthermore, a genetic algorithm is proposed to solve a large scale dataset. Finally, preliminary results are reported and show that the MILP performs very well for small test instances while the genetic algorithm can be efficiently used to solve the problem for a widereaching test instances.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2021.0120170 fatcat:yhx5qgyacjft5a6qjghpuuekl4