A Framework for Analyzing Mobile Telecommunications Market Development [chapter]

Jan Damsgaard, Ping Gao
Mobile Information Systems  
Current research focuses on the dynamics of mobile telecommunications market either from the perspectives of technology innovation or service adoption. However, because there is a mutual dependency between them, each perspective alone can only partly explain the pace and direction of change we currenly witness in this market. This article combines them into one framework to pursue a holistic understanding of mobile telecommunications market innvoation. To test its explanatory power, we apply
more » ... power, we apply this framework to dissecting the case of China based on second-hand data. It concludes that our model enables a systematic description on the mutual influence of infrastructure innovation and innovation adoption that moves beyond unilateral accounts. Our framework also captures the interplay between mobile telecommunications market and the social network formed by interrelated providers, users and institutions.
doi:10.1007/0-387-22874-8_12 fatcat:5j47nyg63rcpnj6cu36x5lr5vq