Network Adaptive ARQ Error Control Scheme for Effective Video Transport over IP Networks
IP 망을 통한 비디오 전송에 효율적인 망 적응적 ARQ 오류제어 기법

Sang-Woo Shim, Kwang-Deok Seo, Jin-Soo Kim, Jae-Gon Kim, Soon-Heung Jung, Seong-Jun Bae
2011 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
In this paper, we propose an effective network-adaptive ARQ based error control scheme to provide video streaming services through IP networks where packet error usually occurs. If time delay and feedback channel are allowed, client can request server to retransmit lost packets through IP networks. However, if retransmission is unconditionally requested without considering network condition and number of simultaneous feedback messages, retransmitted packets may not arrive in a timely manner so
more » ... hat decoding may not occur. In the proposed ARQ, a client conditionally requests retransmission based on assumed network condition, and it further determines valid retransmission time so that effective ARQ can be applied. In order to verify the performance of the proposed adaptive ARQ based error control, NIST-Net is used to emulate packet-loss network environment. It is shown by simulations that the proposed scheme provides noticeable error resilience with significantly reduced traffics required for ARQ. Keywords : ARQ, packet error control, video packet retransmission, video transport over IP networks.
doi:10.5909/jeb.2011.16.3.530 fatcat:nydon6xcibeujnbjn5z3uopucy