Finding events in temporal networks: Segmentation meets densest-subgraph discovery [article]

Polina Rozenshtein, Francesco Bonchi, Aristides Gionis, Mauro Sozio, Nikolaj Tatti
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we study the problem of discovering a timeline of events in a temporal network. We model events as dense subgraphs that occur within intervals of network activity. We formulate the event-discovery task as an optimization problem, where we search for a partition of the network timeline into k non-overlapping intervals, such that the intervals span subgraphs with maximum total density. The output is a sequence of dense subgraphs along with corresponding time intervals, capturing the
more » ... most interesting events during the network lifetime. A naive solution to our optimization problem has polynomial but prohibitively high running time complexity. We adapt existing recent work on dynamic densest-subgraph discovery and approximate dynamic programming to design a fast approximation algorithm. Next, to ensure richer structure, we adjust the problem formulation to encourage coverage of a larger set of nodes. This problem is NP-hard even for static graphs. However, on static graphs a simple greedy algorithm leads to approximate solution due to submodularity. We extended this greedy approach for the case of temporal networks. However, the approximation guarantee does not hold. Nevertheless, according to the experiments, the algorithm finds good quality solutions.
arXiv:1808.09317v2 fatcat:obb4ky2wcnfgvikqkmaldpgpgy