Wireless Control Of An Automobile Using Air Gestures

Priyamvadaa.R, Sai Supriya.G. K, Savita Sangappa Mulimani
2017 Zenodo  
In the present world people with disabilities wish to be independent and thus the dependence on automatic machinery has increased drastically. People with physical disabilities and partial paralysis find it difficult to navigate without the assistance of someone. The system proposed will be a boost to the physically challenged people as it will help them to be self-reliable. Air gesture model is being as a key component to derive the benefit and gesture recognition is one obvious way to create
more » ... useful, highly adaptive interface between machines and their users. The gestures of the hand are read by a camera which is attached to a computer where further processing occurs. Hand gesture recognition technology allows for the navigation of an automobile using only a series of finger and hand movements, eliminating the need for physical contact between operator and machine. If the hand gesture is similar then Arduino is programmed such that the robotic car moves forward. This model can be extended to other areas such as efficient control by traffic corps, patients and senior citizens to call or interact with others, and so on. However, in this paper, the focus will be more as part of driving vehicles.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.580628 fatcat:trajh4sj65br7dknba2wskmriq