A Framework For Product Development Process Including Hw And Sw Components

Namchul Do, Gyeongseok Chae
2007 Zenodo  
This paper proposes a framework for product development including hardware and software components. It provides separation of hardware dependent software, modifications of current product development process, and integration of software modules with existing product configuration models and assembly product structures. In order to decide the dependent software, the framework considers product configuration modules and engineering changes of associated software and hardware components. In order
more » ... o support efficient integration of the two different hardware and software development, a modified product development process is proposed. The process integrates the dependent software development into product development through the interchanges of specific product information. By using existing product data models in Product Data Management (PDM), the framework represents software as modules for product configurations and software parts for product structure. The framework is applied to development of a robot system in order to show its effectiveness.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1334092 fatcat:7f67mc767vd6vhdllavrnuzohy