Cost-effective line termination net for IGBT PWM VSI AC motor drives

A. Fratta, G.M. Pellegrino, F. Scapino, F. Villata
ISIE'2000. Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (Cat. No.00TH8543)  
Full performance of series Line Termination Net has been already achieved by means of parallel ferrite-core inductors and not inductive power resistors, affecting integration and cost-effectiveness in medium-power PWM AC motor drives. A novel LTN design concept is here presented, namely IRONET, based on the exploitation of the inductor core loss as part of the wanted high-frequency LTN response. Iron cores are adopted instead of larger ferrite-core thanks to proper eddy-current density, set by
more » ... esign of lamination thickness and winding turns. The effective high-frequency behaviour of lossy power inductors is analysed and discussed, defining small-size R-C simple compensation. An IRONET prototype has been realised and tested for a 55kW-rated IGBT IM, showing IRONET effectiveness very close to full performance even by common .35mm laminations.
doi:10.1109/isie.2000.930337 fatcat:75zebl6r7jdxnd4eeaqgcmbpoi