A Novel One-Dimensional Copper Mellitate Complex Featured by {Cu(H2O)2(urea)[C6(COO)4(COOH)2]}n2n- Polyanions [post]

Roberto Köferstein
2020 unpublished
Blue monoclinic single crystals of the novel one-dimensional [H3N-(CH2)6-NH3][Cu(H2O)2(urea)(µ2-C6(COO)4 (COOH)2)]*H2O coordination polymer have been prepared in aqueous solution at room temperature in the presence of 1,6-diaminohexane and urea. Space group P21/n (no. 14) with a = 958.48(9), b = 1465.74(11), c = 1821.14(12) pm, beta = 97.655(8)°. The Cu2+ cation is coordinated in a square pyramidal manner by two oxygen atoms stemming from the dihydrogen mellitate tetraanion, one oxygen atom
more » ... one oxygen atom from the urea molecule, and two water molecules. The Cu−O distances are between 193.3(2) and 229.4(2) pm. The connection between Cu2+ and [C6(COO)4(COOH)2]4-
doi:10.31219/osf.io/5r4xc fatcat:bje4gtzzdzd77hsn4pflwv4ldi