Structure of pores in solid porous bodies. Part I
Структура пор в твердых пористых телах. Часть I

P.G. Kudryavtsev
2019 Nanotehnologii v Stroitelʹstve  
Academy of Natural Sciences, Author of 252 scientific works, including 4 monographs, has 35 inventions. He was awarded the M.V. Lomonosov medal, Commander of the Order «The Star of the Scientist» and was awarded the honorary title «Honored Worker of Science», awarded the medal of P.A. Stolypin, and honorable diamond sign of the Chamber ExtEndEd AbstrAct: Porous materials are formed from dispersed particles of various shapes. The porous structure of such materials is determined by the shape and
more » ... d by the shape and nature of the packing of their structural units. As a model for the analysis of the structure of porous materials, model-packing units were selected in the form of spherical par-ticles and fibers. Separately, the pore structure in foam-like regular porous ma-terials was considered. It is shown that the pore volume in such packages grows with the reduction of the coordination number of the packed spherical particles. To study this regularity, the structural types of crystal lattices of various chemi-cal substances were analyzed. Examples of such packages are most metallic ele-ments and all inert gases, except for helium. These substances crystallize in sim-ple structural types. All of them can be considered as packing of balls of identical radii. Such regularities are observed strictly up to the coordination number 4. With coordination number 3, a very openwork, loose package is formed. When forming mixed packages, the coordination number can have fractional values. A special group is represented by structures with coordination number <3. For Paper Contest 81
doi:10.15828/2075-8545-2018-10-5-80-103 fatcat:rcz5fgqukbg23ojzh4yh6qfcg4