Production technology of investment casting involves transmitting the elements of shape, dimensions and properties by filling in the appropriate liquid metal ceramic forms reproduced by a model made of wax removed by melting it. The manufacturing process of investment casting in the

P Chy³a, S Bednarek, A £ukaszek-So³ek, J Siñczak, J Kamiñska, J Kolczyk, S ¯ymankowska-Kumon
2010 unpublished
In this paper are introduced analytical calculations of strain distribution in ECAP process in plane strain state. Analysed was friction influence on distribution and value of effective strain in channel die band. Numerical calculations were done by using of QForm 3D commercial programme. One of the most important issues in hot stretch-reducing process is the maintaining precision of wall thickness. Exactly the same wall thickness at all cross-sections of tubes after stretch-reducing mill
more » ... reducing mill increases suitability of tubes in the next treatment processes. Internal polygonization of tubes and its removal during hot reducing is constantly the most important problem. The study is a presentation of test results for decrease of internal polygonization. Internal polygonization, as a result of deformation of tube wall thickness in all stands during hot reducing, can be minimized first of all by optimization of inter-stand tension. The tubes and pipes with minimal internal polygonization could be obtained during experiments of rolling after applying maximal average tension using a developed system for equations of axial forces equilibrium in the rolling mill.