Police security measures for foreign criminals : Focusing on Suwon
외국인범죄자에 대한 경찰의 치안대책 : 경기도 수원시를 중심으로

Chanhyeok Park, Bongsung Seo
2015 Journal of The Korean Society of Disaster Information  
A B S T R A C T KEYWORDS With recent news reports on violent crimes committed by foreigners, public hatred toward foreign criminals and fear about such crimes are growing, calling into question public safety measures implemented by the police and the immigration system. At the same time, due to globalization and structural changes in the labor market, it is certain that the influx of migrant workers will continue to increase. Against this backdrop, this paper seeks to examine the current status
more » ... the current status of foreign nationals staying in Korea and their criminal records focusing on Suwon city, and propose public safety measures the police could take with regard to crimes committed by foreigners. Also, the paper looks into public safety measures of the Korea Immigration Service and Suwon city, and suggests short-and long-term measures to prevent crimes committed by foreigners. The paper begins by examining the current public safety measures of the police and Suwon City concerning crimes committed by foreign nationals residing in Korea. Based on such examination, it points out insufficient patrol and investigation personnel as problems, and recommends short-and long-term measures for future improvement. This paper maintains that for the Korean society to successfully deal with the increasing number of foreigners in Korea, the current immigration system and public safety measures of the police will have to change. While the police alone cannot reduce the crime rates at local and national levels, nonetheless, proactive measures by the police are needed given the growing number of migrant workers and immigrants in Korea. Also important are mindset changes not only of relevant authorities, but also of the public. The paper recommends a set of short-and long-term public safety measures the police should institute to efficiently deal with crimes committed by foreigners. crimes committed by foreigners public safety measures implemented by the police, immigration control illegal immigrants management on foreign nationals staying in Korea
doi:10.15683/kosdi.2015.11.4.622 fatcat:foyhrut3nvhwhpnmljgfu44kwu