Influences of Rootstock Cultivar and Storage on the Texture of Cucumber Fruits

Yoshiteru Sakata, Hideki Horie, Takayoshi Ohara, Yasushi Kawasaki, Mitsuhiro Sugiyama
2008 Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science  
In order to clarify the influence of the rootstock cultivar and fruit storage on the texture of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) fruit, we examined the physical properties of the fruit, i.e., flesh firmness, placental firmness, skin toughness, and the crispness index. Cucumber fruits from own-rooted plants and from plants grafted onto the three rootstock cultivars of 'Shin-tosa' (Cucurbita maxima Duchesne ex Lam. × C. moschata Duchesne ex Poir.), 'Hikari Power Gold' (Cucurbita moschata; for
more » ... oschata; for bloomless fruit production), and 'King Kitora' (C. moschata; for bloomless fruit production) were used as materials and were stored at 10 or 25℃ for up to 7 days under humid conditions (wrapped in polyethylene bags). No distinct influences of rootstock cultivars on the physical properties of cucumber fruits just after harvesting were observed. In addition, there was no clear difference between ownrooted cucumber fruits and all grafted fruits. On the other hand, the flesh firmness and crispness index of fruits from all grafted and non-grafted cucumbers were increased by storage at 10 or 25℃ under humid conditions. Differences in the values of physical properties between the fruits stored at 10 and 25℃ were very small. These results indicate that the texture of cucumber fruit is affected by storage, rather than by the rootstock cultivar. Regarding fruits just after harvesting or those stored for several days in humid conditions, there was no evidence of a less desirable texture in bloomless cucumber fruits.
doi:10.2503/jjshs1.77.47 fatcat:yjbxkdbxvzdljoe4vdae7qo6pu