Mutually-aware Sub-Graphs Differentiable Architecture Search [article]

Haoxian Tan, Sheng Guo, Yujie Zhong, Matthew R. Scott, Weilin Huang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Differentiable architecture search is prevalent in the field of NAS because of its simplicity and efficiency, where two paradigms, multi-path algorithms and single-path methods, are dominated. Multi-path framework (e.g. DARTS) is intuitive but suffers from memory usage and training collapse. Single-path methods (e.g.GDAS and ProxylessNAS) mitigate the memory issue and shrink the gap between searching and evaluation but sacrifice the performance. In this paper, we propose a conceptually simple
more » ... t efficient method to bridge these two paradigms, referred as Mutually-aware Sub-Graphs Differentiable Architecture Search (MSG-DAS). The core of our framework is a differentiable Gumbel-TopK sampler that produces multiple mutually exclusive single-path sub-graphs. To alleviate the severer skip-connect issue brought by multiple sub-graphs setting, we propose a Dropblock-Identity module to stabilize the optimization. To make best use of the available models (super-net and sub-graphs), we introduce a memory-efficient super-net guidance distillation to improve training. The proposed framework strikes a balance between flexible memory usage and searching quality. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods on ImageNet and CIFAR10, where the searched models show a comparable performance as the most recent approaches.
arXiv:2107.04324v3 fatcat:xi47dor6ljdp3iygqhvgcvucwq