The Effect of Shape on Chloride Penetration of Circular Reinforcement Concrete Columns and Its Durability Design

Yin, Pan
2020 Applied Sciences  
The reinforced concrete (RC) circular element is usually simplified as slab one on the issue of chloride diffusion simulation, without considering the effect of the geometrical shape. In the paper, a modified slab diffusion model is proposed for circular section. A formulation for estimating the error caused by neglecting the effect of shape on chloride diffusion is derived. The formulation demonstrates that radius significantly affect the error. When shape is neglected, the effects of model
more » ... effects of model parameters, including the diffusion coefficient, radius, cover concrete thickness and age factor, on the corrosion initiation time are investigated. The result shows the radius has a slight effect on calculating the corrosion initiation time compared with other model parameters. Furthermore, the influence of shape on estimating on reliability index for different service time is also discussed. A guideline is proposed for properly using the modified slab diffusion model instead of the original one to predict service life. Finally, the impact of the shape of the RC circular column on the durability design against chloride corrosion is studied. The design result when the column is simplified as a slab element indicates a lower required minimum concrete cover thickness. The minimum thickness should be improved by 5 mm as a conservative choice based on the result of the slab element.
doi:10.3390/app10020459 fatcat:6d2l74s3rjb43jhzpagnwvxkqa